RPD-AM | Radiological Posting Display Area Monitor

Product Description

The RPD-AM is a self-contained gamma dose rate detection and display monitor. Its large screen clearly displays ambient dose rates for the internal detector and/or external detector (either DMC-3000’s or RDS-31 and probe). It can also pick up other WRM2 devices if connected to your network.

Whether identifying a low dose rate Waiting Area, or identifying a Radiation Area, the RPD-AM lets workers know at a glance the conditions of their work area – even from across the room.

The RPD-AM expands even further on the concept of worker dose rate notification: with its dynamic posting display software, the monitor automatically updates itself to indicate specific (user-defined) verbiage, symbols, and messaging for given conditions – as the dose rates change.

Product Features 

  • Self-Contained, dynamic display of ambient radiological conditions
  • No battery change-out needed on either of the internal or external detectors.
  • Displays dose rate information and transmits to existing WRM2 receivers (enabling remote monitoring of the deployed area)
  • It can also be setup to display a Radiological posting that will automatically change based on the dose rates in the area.
  • The DMC-3000 version can utilize a DMC-3000 either internal, external using the external USB connection or both (for two readings).
  • The RDS-31 version can utilize either an GM or SD version internal, and any of various dose rate probes externally.
  • Audible alarm functionality can be enabled or suppressed (per configuration)
  • It comes with mounting brackets to secure as needed by the plant or simply set on a horizontal surface.
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