SPIR-Ident Mobile Platform | Airborne and Carborne Mobile Spectrometry

Product Description

The SPIR-Ident Mobile Platform utilizes large advanced gamma spectroscopic detectors, various neutron detection modules and sophisticated algorithms to deliver fast and reliable detection and real-time nuclide identification capabilities for military, homeland security, law enforcement, and environmental applications. The SPIR-Ident Mobile Platform is a modular and scalable system that can be configured for easy deployment in vehicles, compact transportable modules, or in low profile (stealth) configurations.

The SPIR-Ident Mobile system can be powered by a single USB connection from a Laptop computer. The SPIR View software provides mapping, data reach back and mission replay capabilities.

Product Features

  • Very sensitive nuclear detection and real-time nuclide identification
  • Modular design suitable for multiple configurations: car, boat, or aircraft.
  • Advanced algorithm for nuclide identification, categorization into NORM, medical, industrial, and Special Nuclear Materials (SNM), and nuclear threat assessment.
  • Post event contamination level mapping
  • Supervision software 
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