Ex-Core Detectors

Out-of-core radiation sensors for all types of reactors

ex-core detectors


The Sensing Systems Division supplies a full line of out-of-core radiation sensors for all types of reactors. Sensors include proportional counters, compensated and uncompensated ionization chambers, power range assemblies, fission counters and chambers along with cables, connectors and assemblies.

Sensing Systems Out-of-Core Sensors have a worldwide reputation for outstanding reliability, accuracy and durability.

To withstand the extreme radiation and temperature environments encountered in a nuclear power plant, Out-of-Core Sensors are constructed entirely of inorganic materials. Whenever possible, materials are selected to minimize activation and, thus, to facilitate handling of radioactive sensors.

Out-of-Core Sensors by are produced in a carefully controlled manufacturing facility. Each sensor is followed through its assembly process step by step to verify that production and design specifications are being met. All welds are non-destructively tested, and the specified limits of each sensor's radiation sensitivity are verified by our calibrated neutron and gamma testing facilities.

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