Radiation Detection & Protection Instruments

Mirion Health Physics Division - Radiation detection equipment to protect people, search for and measure radiation, prevent contamination and identify sources.

Cameras for Extreme Environments

Mirion Imaging Systems Division - Industrial cameras that allow operators and engineers to easily view their extreme environments

In-Plant and Safety Monitoring Systems

MGP Instruments, Canberra and MGPI H&B state-of-the-art radiation monitoring and neutron flux systems for nuclear power plants, nuclear fuel cycle industry, nuclear research centers/accelerators, nuclear test reactors, medical isotope production facilities and nuclear military facilities. 

Radiation Monitoring Services

Mirion Dosimetry Services Division - Radiation monitoring services (x-ray badges) and dosimetry solutions for a wide range of applications

Nuclear Sensing Instrumentation & Sealing Systems

Mirion Sensing Systems Division - Electrical Penetrations, In-core, and Ex-core Detectors used in the instrumentation channels of nuclear power plants