Specialized Monitoring Solutions

Custom Radiation Safety Solutions

Unique projects and custom needs occasionally require something more than off-the-shelf goods.  When you require advanced, tailored solutions in radiation protection, Mirion Technologies will work with you to develop innovative ways to address your specific needs.

Building on a long history of technical excellence, Mirion Technologies can bring a wide array of options to the table in order to develop a solution designed to meet your exact needs.  It might be as easy as combining existing products from several product lines in new ways or, it may involve working with the Mirion R&D team to design and build a new system to provide top-notch performance in a specific working environment.  Past projects have included adding telemetry capabilities to exisiting equipment to allow for wireless remote monitoring, creating state of the art screening and monitoring processes for radiological event security, and developing specialized monitoring equipment to withstand harsh environmental conditions without degraded radiological response.  

Work with Mirion Technologies to detail your specific needs and unique circumstances, and in return Mirion will partner with you to create a system that addresses your challenges and fulfills your requirements.  With a global customer base spanning a range of industries, Mirion Technologies is ready to apply it's knowledge and experience to your problems.  

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