Dosimètres spéciaux

Radiation monitoring plays an important role in your business and in maintaining the health of your employees. We have a wide selection of radiation monitoring dosimeters and can help you determine the right products for your business. 


  • Fingertip
  • Eye
  • Environmental
  • Leak Test
  • High Dose
  • REM Track wallet card

The REMtrack™ wallet cards are extensively used by counter-terrorism operations, law enforcement and other personnel who encounter radiation emergency situations.

REMtrack consists of natural lithium fluoride chips positioned between high quality paper and polyethylene laminate material. Its unique bar-code identification system displays an individual’s name, unique card number; plus issue and expiration dates, and offers an accurate chain-of-custody through the analysis process.

Environmental dosimeters are well suited to monitor low-level gamma radiation and withstand the most intense environmental situations. This dosimeter is designed for outdoor applications and may be used to measure radiation for site characterization, at site boundaries for regulatory compliance, and to monitor public exposure. Issued reports provide easy comparison to ion chamber results.

The Environmental TLD Dosimeter, encased in a holder that protects against moisture, can be attached to fences, gates, trees, or other objects in the environment for quick access. 

High dose dosimeters measure exposures in environments such as radiation therapy, research applications, equipment calibrations, or sterilization applications. This is the perfect measurement device where radiation dose levels exist between 2 and 500,000 rads. A reliable LiF TLD chip offers excellent response and is energy and dose independent for most levels up to 1,000 rads. For higher levels, we employ optical density filters, which reduce the excessive amount of light TLDs emit so the PM tube does not become saturated and assessment accuracy is assured.

Fingertip dosimeters are perfect for those who handle radioisotopes or perform interventional radiographic procedures and are concerned with dose to the tip of the finger. All fingertip dosimeters consist of one powdered Lithium-7 fluoride element sealed in a plastic pouch and placed in a finger cot that is placed directly over the finger. When worn on the finger, the active Lithium-7 fluoride element should be placed on the fingertip to ensure accurate measurements. Each fingertip dosimeter is uniquely bar-coded and labeled for ease of identification and chain of custody. The dosimeter can be cold sterilized and has wear periods of one week to one year.

Eye dosimeters provide accurate readings for radiation received to the vicinity of the eye. All eye dosimeters consist of one natural lithium fluoride element sealed in a plastic holder that mimics the density of the eye. When worn with the head strap near the eye, the dose the element receives can be easily correlated to the eye dose. Each eye dose dosimeter is uniquely barcoded and labeled for ease in identification and chain of custody.

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