Ensembles de traversées électriques

Nuclear containment penetration equipment

Canister and Modular designs are available with a variety of electrical and fiber optic feedthroughs.  All electrical feedthroughs contain solid copper conductors in a swaged construction.  Designed for 60 year, normal service temperature of 150 °F (65 °C) – higher temperatures can be accommodated with an adjustment in ampacity.  All EPA are qualified to plant-specific temperature, pressure and chemical spray, with the requirements of IEEE-317, for 60 year service life.  All EPA are ASME Boiler and Vessel Code (NPT Stamp) for manufacture to Section III, Subsection NE, Class MC and are qualified by test to the current standards of IEEE-317, IEEE-323, IEEE-344 and IEC Publication 772.  All parts are manufactured to ANSI/ASME NQA-1 and 10 CFR 50 Appendix B. 

Epoxy design is also available for certain Low Voltage Control Applications.

Electrical Penetration Assembly



 Standard EPA chart

EPA Swaged Chart


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